Award Categories

t-shirtsThe Admin Awards recognizes administrate excellence in nine categories, which may vary slightly from market to market to reflect the leading industries in each area.

Below is a current snapshot of existing award categories which will be increased as the program enters new markets.  Nominators do have the ability to nominate an administrative professional in more than one award category although an admin can only be declared a finalist in one award category (the award category with the highest score from the judges is retained).

The Rookie of the Year Award

The Rookie of the Year Award celebrates an Administrative Assistant or Receptionist, new to the administrative profession (career as an admin started less than 3 years ago), who has demonstrated the greatest potential to excel. This award honors professionals that are starting their career as an administrative professional, have reentered the workforce as an admin or made a career change to an administrative role.

The Big Idea Award

The Big Idea Award celebrates the administrative professional that came up with an idea that had a considerable impact on a company such as (but not limited to) increased revenue, reduced costs, improved operations, customer retention, etc. within the last 3 years. The Big Idea Award was created to encourage and inspire administrative professionals to communicate their ideas and ingenuity to senior executives within their organization.

The Energy Award

The Administrative Excellence in Energy Award recognizes the administrative assistant who effectively performs her or his administrative responsibilities for a company in the energy sector, including but not limited to upstream, midstream, downstream, consulting, engineering, and alternative.

The Community Champion Award

The Community Champion Award is awarded to the Administrative Professional who best demonstrates a commitment to serving others in their community and works internally to inspire employee volunteerism, community service and good corporate citizenship.

The Leadership Award

The Leadership Award recognizes the Administrative Professional that serves as a leader and mentor to other Administrative Professionals, either by job description or hard-earned respect, leads by example and is passionate about helping their fellow employees succeed and reach their goals.

The Achiever Award

The Achiever Award recognizes the administrative professional that demonstrates one or more of the following criteria:

  • Has successfully managed and completed a significant project that has had a positive, company wide impact within the past 2 years
  • Exhibits incredible resourcefulness and an innovative spirit that makes achieving difficult tasks and tackling challenging problems possible
  • Consistently suggests new processes that are more efficient and effective significantly impacting the productivity of the executive or department he or she serves

prize-boxes-wrappedThe Spirit Award

The Spirit Award celebrates the administrative professional that consistently exhibits a positive, spirited outlook and has good energy that colleagues and vendors alike find contagious and uplifting. This is the person that people are drawn to during good days and bad, for an energy boost, pep talk or happy fix.

The Loyalty Award

The Loyalty Award is presented to the fiercely loyal administrative professional that has a long history of effective service to their current organization in an administrative role, consistently demonstrating tireless dedication, commitment to supervisors, employees and customers.

The Above the Call Receptionist Award

The Above the Call Receptionist Award honors the RECEPTIONIST that goes above and beyond the call in delivering an exceptional first impression and serves internal and external customers with professionalism, enthusiasm and care, leaving a lasting impression with all they interact with. (*NOTE: Nominee must spend 50%+ on average of their time daily fielding/handling phone calls in order to qualify for this award.)

The Administrative Excellence in Government or Public Service Award

The Administrative Excellence in Government & Public Service Award honors Administrative Professionals who have been employed in the government or public service sectors for at least five years and have made significant contributions to the success of their organization. Administrative Professionals in this area would work for the city or county government, a public or private educational institution, healthcare organization, non-profit, military, law enforcement, or fire and rescue.

The Administrative Excellence in Healthcare Award

The Administrative Excellence in Healthcare Award is presented to an administrative professional employed within the healthcare or wellness industry including, but not limited to, healthcare providers, hospital systems, physician groups, wellness companies, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device suppliers and vendors. This nominee should have a passion for the healthcare industry, exceptional customer service skills and a positive impact on their organization, co-workers, vendors and clients.

The Colleen Barrett Award for Administrative Excellence

The Colleen Barrett Award for Administrative Excellence is The Admin Awards’ most prestigious honor. This coveted award will be presented to the admin that best demonstrates the qualities listed below, many of which enabled Colleen Barrett’s rise from legal secretary to President and Chief Operating Officer of Southwest Airlines and contributed to the company’s legendary corporate culture and extraordinary success.

These qualities are:

  • High proficiency
  • Values that reflect those of your organization
  • Passionately committed to your organization’s cause or purpose
  • Deeply committed to legendary customer service both internally and externally
  • The heart for employee advocacy — making sure the company always does right by its employees